PQx Surgical Planning is a Medtech StartUp with a clear innovative vocation focused on the Healthcare and Medical Device sector. We have developed a web platform and a mobile App for Surgical Planning and Navigation that provides new tools in the operating room that help the surgeon to plan and perform their surgeries in order to achieve SURGICAL EXCELLENCE.

The main product is our VEGA Surgical Navigator with patented custom navigable instruments that helps the surgeon to ensure SURGICAL EXCELLENCE in all surgical processes.

We continuously seek positive synergies with surgeons for the development of new verticals that revolutionize the bioengineering sector, proof of this are all the patents we are developing, and those in production.

One of our milestones is the development and patent of the first Arthroscopic Surgical Navigator, the VEGA LCA One Step Navigator. This Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software and A.R. helmet with custom-made navigable instruments allows arthroscopic surgeries, arthroplasties, tumor surgery and complex corrective osteotomy surgeries to be performed with the VEGA Surgical Navigator.

PQx has more than 12 years of experience in surgical planning for the specialties of Traumatology, Neurosurgery, Maxillofacial, General Surgery, etc.

The results and the satisfaction of surgeons and patients are our main guarantee. 

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We are a MedTech with a clear innovative vocation focused on the Health Care and Medical Device sector with more than 12 years of experience mainly in the specialties of traumatology and neurosurgery.

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