C/ Venezuela 11, Nave PQx, parcela 17-11ª. Polígono Industrial Oeste, Alcantarilla, Murcia. 30820
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8:30 – 18:30 (Mon-Fri) 

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Medial closing-wedge femoral osteotomy


We manufacture custom titanium plates with CNC System, being specialized in custom and standard plates for osteotomy.

Cutting guides

We manufacture custom navigated cutting guides for each case, adapted to the bone anatomically so that there is only one form of placement. this reduces errors in surgery and increases accuracy. the navigation system allows you to check the placement of the cutting guide as planned in our PQx Vega Browser.

Navigable instruments

At PQx medical we have patented and developed the first navigable custom instrumentation system for corrective osteotomies, prostheses, mega prostheses and osteosynthesis, with our vega surgical navigator of vitual reality and augmented reality.

Instrumental manufactured to increase precision, quality and achieve surgical excellence in each case. since we study and work one by one to make it tailor-made for the surgeon and patient.

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